Electrostatic precipitators insulator aging cause analysis


The reasons for the insulator aging of the boiler electrostatic precipitator:

The partial discharge of insulators in electrostatic precipitators of boilers is often the main reason for insulation aging failure. Since the center of insulation combination of insulators is solid medium, if there are more gases with low electrical resistance in the treated flue gas, it will break down with the dust absorbed on the surface of insulators, and partial discharge will occur, thus causing the aging phenomenon of insulating materials.

For different insulating materials, there are still some differences in the reasons for insulator aging. This paper mainly analyzes ceramic materials and polymer materials, and specifically analyzes the aging reasons for insulator materials of boiler electrostatic precipitator.

There are certain pores in the ceramic material. Under the action of high voltage electric field, the pores in the ceramic material will appear partial discharge, because the partial discharge will make the halo surface instantly warm up.

According to the relevant investigation and research, the instantaneous temperature of each discharge is even up to 1000 degrees Celsius, which undoubtedly causes the difference in the formation temperature between the gas inside the pores and the nearby gas, and the micro-cracks are generated due to the influence of the thermal expansion force inside the pores.

Combined with electrostatic precipitator of the boiler in the job when they form the mechanical vibration, after multiple forces interact, micro cracks will continue to get bigger, and finally lost its insulation function.

For polymer materials, due to the decomposition of the main chain of polymer by partial discharge, the polymer materials form low molecules, and form oxidation reaction with other substances and ions generated in the discharge process, resulting in the carbonization of polymer materials, thus reducing the insulation function.

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