Introduction of insulator zero detection method


In the operation of insulator string, the two ends of the potential difference is zero insulator, is called zero insulator. Generally speaking, once the phenomenon of zero value occurs, it means that the insulator has broken down and the resistance value is zero, so it can no longer play the role of insulation, which will seriously affect the safe operation of electric power. Therefore, all power companies will regularly inspect the insulators in operation to prevent the occurrence of zero value insulators in advance.

The core of zero value detection of insulators is to detect the resistance value of insulators. The traditional detection method needs to first cut off the insulator, remove the insulator, and then use a megohmmeter for measurement. The detection efficiency is very low, and the need for power failure detection also affects the normal electricity consumption of residents. And the use of insulator resistance tester and insulator distribution voltage tester series products, through the insulation rod assistance, constant power, without the pole can be completed zero value detection, detection is convenient and efficient. Testing, contact resistance tester will insulator detecting probe measured hardware on both ends of the insulator, keep good contact, and then click to receive the transmitter detection switch button, the measurement result is through the radio frequency transmission to the receiver and the receiver screen display, measurement is completed, click on the SAVE button, the data is automatically saved after the jump to the tower number string input interface of input need to measure off a bunch of insulator string, click the OK button to continue measurement, a couple of minutes to detect a string of insulator, and after completion of testing, through the cloud platform system of form a complete set, can automatically generate the result of the test form, Convenient data query, management.